Our Story

Hair is a major staple in the Black community. We learn the importance of maintaining and grooming it from an early age. Often times, we allow our crowns to represent great significance of our social statuses and class. Unfortunately, there are misperceptions and discriminations that continue to be a reality with regards to certain hairstyles commonly associated with black culture. This unfair treatment is evident in the recent passage of the federal Crown Act Bill.

When it comes to wigs, we have been criticized for wearing straight hair patterns and shades of blonde, as those traits are said to imitate a "European" look. However, we must not forget that the very existence of wigs originated from our ancient ancestors in Egypt. Furthermore, there is an audience of women with coily and curly hair types that are looking to experiment with different textures and styles without compromising their natural hair. Hence, why we launched Allure Wigs Inc.

Allure Wigs sets out to empower females with the freedom to express their unique beauty. Our wigs are made in the spirit of maintaining our natural hair while rocking the protective styles of lace wigs. We enable our customers to either blend in or stand out, while making a bold fashion statement with a natural-looking lace unit. 

As well as sourcing top-notch products, our clients can always expect first-rate 5-star customer service and outstanding education on their beauty journey. Allure Wigs is here to disrupt the wig industry with our custom lace units, and we are dedicated to celebrating the beauty and diversity of Black hair. 

 Let us guide you on this alluring journey. Book an in-person service today or shop our wigs online. And even if you're just browsing, drop us an email to say hello. We look forward to connecting soon!